Mens Black Henleys Chambers Jacket

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Mens Black Henleys Chambers Jacket
£54 – Mens Henleys Jackets

Not just another yellow, slicker-looking rain coat; the sleek style of this mens nylon jacket, from Henleys, will give you great flexibilty of wear. It isnt JUST a raincoat. The waterproof fabric on bodice and hood will keep you dry in the wettest of weather. The elasticized cuffs and elasticized hem will also prevent that dreadful drip down your sleeves. The fact that its black? Well, that makes it an instant classic addition to any wardrobe.

Throw it on as you head out for your evening jog, or even just to run to the store in the evening. It doesnt have to be any sort of extreme weather to enjoy this jacket; but it can handle that as well! This coat features four zip-front pockets, ideal to hold your cell phone, keys, and other items. Please note that this jacket is not meant for extreme cold temperatures, as it is not insulated. It would be fantastic in the spring and summer months.

Waterproof Jackets by Henleys – Mens Black Henleys Chambers Jacket Specifications:

  • Sizes: Small – Medium – Large – X Large
  • Price: £54
  • Brand: Henleys
  • Garment: Waterproof Jacket
  • Delivery: 1-3 Days
  • Get Henleys Waterproof Jackets

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