Black Voi Jeans Harley Jacket

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Black Voi Jeans Harley Jacket
£49 – Mens Voi Jeans Jackets

From Voi Jeans, this garment combines lightweight, comfortable fabric with the styling of the classic Harley-Davidson black leather biker jacket. The similarity begins with the shape: broader around the shoulders, narrow around the ribs and waist, creating a tapered, athletic silhouette, and with loose, straight sleeves that enhance the length of your arms. The jacket includes four pockets on the front, including two angled pockets on the breast for that motorcycle jacket look. Even the subtly glossy cotton fabric has the look of black leather.

The cuffs and high collar are emphasized with buttons, and the collar also incorporates a concealed hood for those unexpected rainstorms. And the waterproof fabric will make sure you stay dry through all but the stiffest downpours. Matched with a good pair of jeans, this jacket will give you a classic masculine look and keep you comfortable through the uncertain weather of spring and fall.

Waterproof Jackets by Voi Jeans – Black Voi Jeans Harley Jacket Specifications:

  • Sizes: Small – Medium – Large – X Large
  • Price: £49
  • Brand: Voi Jeans
  • Garment: Waterproof Jacket
  • Delivery: 1-3 Days
  • Get Voi Jeans Waterproof Jackets

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